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We have been buying jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones for nearly two decades. Whether you are selling a whole estate or an engagement ring, we always aim to have the best prices in the Austin area. Our owners, Jack and Caroline, are both well versed in gemology, jewelry history, and designer authentication. Jack attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where he learned the diamond grading industry standard.

Other businesses with less knowledge will offer lower prices because they need a safety net in case they make a mistake. Our experience and expertise help you get the best price because we know exactly how much your jewelry is worth. We have competitive prices and will even match or beat any legitimate offers you receive.

We buy a variety of items, including but not limited to: vintage jewelry, engagement rings, gold, sterling silver, diamonds, precious gemstones, and fine watches such as Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Our goal is that every person who walks through our door becomes a repeat client. Building a strong, trusting relationship with our clients is incredibly important to us. We’re committed to providing you with excellent customer service

When you sell jewelry, we walk you through every step of our evaluation process so that you understand our offer. 

We give immediate payment on all gold, sterling silver, fine jewelry, diamond, and precious gemstone sales. No hassle, no pressure ever.

Selling jewelry online is becoming easier every day, but we provide an experience that is worth putting on pants. We offer private appointments for selling so that we can give you that extra level of customer service that you won’t find online. It also provides security for those selling high-value fine jewelry.


"I started dealing in jewelry and colored stones when I was a teenager. I learned quickly that honesty is invaluable in this business. I love sharing my knowledge with my customers. My goal is always to be upfront, honest, and for you to feel like you've gained more than just money."
jack the jeweler
Jack Quillinan

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A child does not fear treading on dangerous ground until he or she gets hurt. Always being in a hurry does not prevent death neither ds going slowly prevent...
Korr P.
17:45 02 Jul 20
I had a great experience today when I sold a piece of jewelry. Jack was very friendly and welcoming. He gave me a very reasonable offer. I left there happy
Amber M.
02:14 01 Jul 20
I had a wonderful experience with Jack Quillinan and his associate. Jack was knowledgeable, professional, and I received a very fair price for my silver / diamond jewelry (Tiffany's, James Avery, various pieces). I loved his philosophy that jewelry is a luxury item and if it does not bring you joy there is no reason to own it. It helped me de-clutter my jewelry box. I also had a ball park of what to expect price wise and felt his prices were quite fair. Remember they have to make a living too & you should not expect to receive retail (he is buying USED jewelry and must leave room for himself to make a living/put food on the table).I also presented a bridal set for valuation/selling price and he recommended that I take another offer that was higher than what he could offer. I appreciated his professionalism regarding the bridal set because of course selling this type of jewelry can be quite sensitive. The experience was better than I could have expected.I really appreciated his honesty and will definitely be back to shop from his vault collection. There were so many unique pieces - some huge, flashy, some antique, some petite/classic/dainty. I loved getting to check them out! I will definitely be back as a buyer and a seller. Jack can also help design/create an engagement ring with a fraction of the retail price.I am sending my boyfriend here for future needs as well when the time comes. Really glad I found a class act right here in town! Thank you Jack!
Lacey P.
00:04 26 Feb 20
I had a wonderful experience with Jack Quillinan and his associate. Jack was knowledgeable, professional, and I received a very fair price for my silver /...
Lacey P.
16:04 25 Feb 20
Extremely helpful and honest. We received much more for my wife's diamond than expected. Jack is absolutely the best person to go to in Austin if you need to sell your jewelry and be paid immediately
Alan S.
00:43 28 Jan 20
Very easy to work with. I had put off selling some gold, based on previous experience. Jack was great and made it convenient and efficient. I will be back in the future. Thanks again Jack!
Jeffrey W.
18:10 06 Jan 20
Great place to sell, they were respectful and gave me a good price for my old engagement ring. They also took the time to explain what happens to the...
Michael L.
07:43 04 Jan 20
This little hidden gem (pun intended), tucked away in the Village Shopping Center, was such a great find! I went in to sell some old gold jewelry. Jack...
Melanie I.
06:38 04 Jan 20
Both interactions were great, professional, they take the time to educate you on your pieces which i appreciated. Fantastic service!
Joyce G
22:10 04 Nov 19
One of the most knowledgeable, honest and respectful guys I’ve met. Goes above and beyond to help figure out what you have and what the true value is. He is VERY knowledgeable on gem stones definitely go see him you could be throwing away a bucket of cash if you don’t check w an expert. I’m also a business owner and use his expertise consistently! Go visit him he is fair and respectful.
Tonny S.
18:11 13 Jul 19
Had the best first experience here selling some jewelry. Jack was honest and fair and very knowledge. Extremely friendly and efficient transaction. I will definitely be returning. Thanks!!
Cat C
15:56 13 Jul 19
Working with Jack and Caroline was so lovely. They were great at helping me refine what I was looking for in an engagement ring, and worked with my fiancé to find pretty much exactly what I wanted. I was impressed with how knowledgeable and discerning they were! Can't wait to go back for our wedding bands!
Alyse C.
19:58 09 Jul 19
I have only had great experiences working with Jack and Austin jewelry and diamond buyers. Extremely knowledgeable, so nice and easy to work with, and always fair. I would highly recommend them!
Joe H.
15:33 08 Jul 19
Such beautiful and unique jewelry you’ll want to stop buy to see what’s new and to chat with the owners. Jack always has such unique pieces. When I first bought a ruby, diamond and platinum ring from him, he took the time to really educate me on my ring. He showed me several pieces but I never felt like he was pushy or hovering or trying to push me to buy out of my budget(you’ll want to do that on your own!). I’ve been back several times and everything I’ve bought there always gets comments about how beautiful and unique they are. I’ve come to learn that Jack is an expert on colored stones and always seems to have the most stunning sapphires. Both he and his wife Caroline are always happy to show me their newest pieces. They definitely know their gemstones and seem to always have new things to see. If you’re looking for really beautiful jewelry or stones, this is the place. Jack will even look for things for you, just give him an idea what you want and your price range and be ready to be wowed by what he finds!
Patricia N
14:48 07 Jul 19
Jack rocks. Great deals, a blast to do business with, and seriously good colored gemstones! This is how it should be done
Brian M.
01:44 07 Jul 19
Outstanding customer service and quality and this is coming from another jeweler.
Chalon B.
05:08 05 Jul 19
Jack is a wonder to work with. He is knowledgable, kind and fair. I highly recommend his shop if you are looking to sell a diamond or old jewelry!
Michael W.
16:12 04 Jul 19
1 bazillion percent recommend. Shipped them a diamond ring after negotiating a price. They got the ring and INSISTED on paying me more than we originally agreed on. I’ve since sent them multiple things and I’m always happier than a hillbilly in a gun store.
Elijah M.
12:11 04 Jul 19
Jack makes the selling process easy. Amazing service.
James B.
02:03 04 Jul 19
Many successful transactions buying and selling with Jack over several years. Thank you for being one of the good guys!
Rick K.
01:37 04 Jul 19
Absolute pleasure to work with. Jack & Caroline are knowledgeable, patient, friendly & honest - can't go wrong!
Nick S.
01:36 04 Jul 19
Jack Rocks! Thank you for your help!
Keith F
00:40 04 Jul 19
This place is simply the best! They offered the most and very professional!
Raheel P.
00:15 04 Jul 19
I have worked with Jack on several jewelry deals over past year both buying and selling. Very knowledgeable and fair prices. Looking forward to many more Jack! Thanks!
Lane G.
00:13 04 Jul 19
Love the unusual and fun merchandise, great team and fair prices! Thanks!
david P.
00:11 04 Jul 19
Jack is 100% honest, fair, and generous with his knowledge about jewelry. I have bought and sold pieces to Jack for a while and have always been very happy with my experience. Thanks so much!
Alpha O.
23:42 03 Jul 19
Jack is a good guy, Hardworking, very intelligent, and fair. Happy to do business with him. Would recommend him to anyone in the area.
Frankie M.
20:18 03 Jul 19
I've been doing business with Jack for a couple of years now he has been nothing but great to work with and fair in his dealings.Top rated jewelry specialists.
Yury S.
17:53 03 Jul 19
Jack and Caroline are trustworthy, honest and very fair. My family and I have been doing business with them for a few years and it has always been a pleasure. I look forward to doing more business with them, and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their jewelry.
Jeremy L.
18:04 02 Jul 19
Great people to do business with! I highly recommend if you need to sell jewelry.
Sam Z
14:33 02 Jul 19
I posted this on yelp, but I wanted to post it here too!Doing business with Quillinan's was so amazingly pleasant. My boyfriend and I were in the market for a simple ring. I just wanted a dainty yellow gold infinity band with diamonds. I'm a generally picky person and I was having trouble finding what I wanted in other stores we visited.We decided that we would go ahead and give this store a visit, even though they looked like they specialized more in engagement rings. We were stunned by some of the pieces that they had on display; there was such and amazing variety of stones and mountings that you just don't see in most jewelry stores anymore.I was also a little worried that this store was out of our price range, but when we told the staff what we were looking for they immediately were able to pull out a few pieces that fit my requirements and our budget. They had exactly what I wanted. They also showed us some great pieces to consider for engagement rings and talked about the different stones that would be suitable.They were so accommodating, helpful, and welcoming. It was such a great shopping experience and I can't wait until we get to visit again! I would highly recommend this store. It doesn't matter if you know exactly what you want, or you don't know what you're looking for, I'm positive that they'd be able to help you find it here!d to post it here too!
Alyse C
20:51 01 Sep 16
I have sold gold scrap to the owner of Quillinan estate jewelry in the past (not in his Austin location) and he paid me more than any other jewelry or gold buyer in the area offered me. Not only that, when I inherited a large collection of jewelry, he personally flew out to the SF bay area (where his last store was located) to make the purchase. Highly recommended for the purpose of selling precious metals or fine jewelry/gemstones. His estate jewelry inventory is even better than it was in his last store, if I wore jewelry more often, this store would be dangerous. I will be visiting his new store again next year in Austin!
18:12 02 Jul 16

We offer appointments Monday through Friday which can be conveniently schedule in our online appointment system

Our office is conveniently located in Central Austin in the Village Shopping Center.

  • (512) 382-1322
  • jack@atxjewelrybuyers.com
  • 2700 W Anderson Ln #307, Austin, TX 78757
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