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antique engagement rings

An antique engagement ring is a unique and timeless way to symbolize the commitment you and your future spouse are about to make. These rings have already stood the test of time and remain as beautiful and stylish as they were decades ago.

At Austin Jewelry & Diamond Buyers, vintage engagement rings are our passion! We are experts in jewelry history, and we offer both true vintage rings and excellent reproductions. As many antique rings no longer have a center stone, we can also help you choose a beautiful antique diamond or gemstone. Antique mountings are also an excellent opportunity to use a family diamond you’ve inherited.

We carry engagement rings from several eras, including Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Retro. Edwardian and Art Deco engagement rings are the most popular. If you like to learn more about the differences between these two early twentieth-century styles, read our article: Art Deco vs. Edwardian Engagement Rings

If you’ve been shopping for a vintage ring, you might be finding the process exhausting. You might spend hours collecting photos on Pinterest or Instagram. Maybe you’ve been shopping online only to discover the ring you love was sold already. Or perhaps you’ve visited several stores in person only to be disappointed by their selection.

These rare beauties can be quite elusive, so we offer a service to make the process easier for you. During a Bridal Consultation, we will sit down together and discuss your ideal ring and budget. We will ask you several questions to narrow down your search. We will also educate you on historic jewelry styles and antique diamond cuts. Once we’ve narrowed down what you’re looking for, the hunt begins. 

If we don’t have what you want in stock, we will find options from our vendors around the country. We will have antique diamonds and antique mountings delivered to our store, where you will be able to view them in person and try them on — no more wasting your time online!

Once you’ve picked your diamond or gemstone and your ring, our jeweler will make the finishing touches. With antique rings, this typically involves setting the stone and sizing the ring. Once everything is perfect, it’s time for happily ever after!

If you are concerned about the ethical and environmental impact of purchasing a diamond, an antique engagement ring is an excellent choice. Antique diamonds were mined and cut many decades ago and are not part of the modern diamond industry.

One of the significant differences between a regular jewelry store and us is that we do not have much overhead. We don’t have many employees, and we don’t keep a large inventory on hand. Because we are a small family business, our prices are excellent compared to larger stores in Austin.

When you buy your vintage engagement ring with us, you’re also getting our years of experience and specialized knowledge. Our owner, Jack, attended the Gemological Institute of America. He can help you understand the 4 C’s and why they are not as important when purchasing an antique diamond.

how it works

Make an Appointment

Part of what makes us different is that we offer private appointments for all of our clients. This way we can offer you an unparalleled level of customer service and attentiveness.

Discuss Your Dream Antique Engagement Ring

Please bring as many inspiration images as you wish! We will teach you all about vintage styles and antique diamonds to help you narrow down your search. If we don't have something you like in stock, we will start our hunt!


After the ring has been found or final adjustments have been made (such as sizing or setting the stone), you will pick up your ring and happily ever after will begin!

vintage retro ruby old euro engagement ring
Patricia's Retro era Old European diamond and ruby engagement ring

Client Spotlight

He took the time to really educate me on my ring. He showed me several pieces but I never felt like he was pushy or hovering or trying to push me to buy out of my budget (you’ll want to do that on your own!). I’ve been back several times and everything I’ve bought there always gets comments about how beautiful and unique they are.

- Patricia

We offer private appointments Monday through Saturday for engagement ring consultations & purchases.

Our private office is conveniently located in Central Austin in the Village Shopping Center.

  • (512) 382-1322
  • 2700 W Anderson Ln #307, Austin, TX 78757
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