Do you love rare gemstones or are you looking for an exceptional diamond? Let us find you the perfect stone without the hassle of endless online shopping or big box store prices. Our owner, Jack, is an expert in top quality rare gemstones such as Kashmir sapphires, Burma rubies, and Colombian emeralds. With his expertise and wide network of gemstone dealers, he can find you the stone of your dreams. When it comes to diamonds, we can find you anything from antique cut diamonds to natural colored diamonds. The possibilities are endless!  

How it Works

Step 1: Consultation 

At our first meeting, we will discuss what you're looking for and provide education on diamonds and gemstones to help you narrow your search. Please bring any photos of pieces you like. If you're buying for someone else, see if you can gather any photos from their Pinterest or Instagram. 

Step 2: Selection

The big advantage of buying with us is our network and knowledge. We have a huge network of wholesale stone dealers. This allows us to find exactly what you want and keep the cost down as we aren't a big retail jewelry store with lots of expensive inventory and overhead. When it comes to our expertise, we have many years of experience dealing in important, rare gemstones. 

 Step 3: Pick Up & Happily Ever After

After we receive your piece back from our jeweler, you will have your final appointment with us to make sure you are 100% happy. If no final adjustments are needed, we will take your final payment and send you home with your ring!

If applicable, your purchase will include independent laboratory certification of your stones. For diamonds, we only use GIA. For gemstones, we typically use AGL or GIA.