1. You will sit down with our owner Jack (or another buyer if Jack is unavailable) and he will carefully evaluate your items. This can involve testing metal content, identifying gemstones, examining stones under our microscope, and weighing your pieces. We do not use any invasive or destructive methods of testing on items with value beyond materials.
2. Jack will separate out the pieces he is interested in buying into groups and give you an individual price for each group and a total price. We price your items in groups so that you know how much we are paying you for items based on their metal content, stones, maker, etc. If there are items we are not interested in buying, Jack will give you an explanation and recommendations on where to sell them.
3. Once a price is agreed upon, we will take your ID and you will fill out a purchase form.
4. Finally, you get paid! We will give you a check that you may deposit today. We are often asked what happens with your jewelry after you sell it. Pieces that have value beyond materials are given a new home with our private clients or other jewelry stores around the country.
We are open Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 5 PM. Appointments are not necessary. If you are unable to make it during our business hours, we can schedule Saturday appointments after reviewing photos of your items. If you have any questions, you can reach us at (512) 382-1322. 
We are located at 2700 W Anderson Ln #307 Austin, TX 78759. Google Maps will take you to our exact location. Our office is located in Building 3 which is on the east side of the Village Shopping Center closest to Office Depot. For easiest access, please park in the east parking lot and walk down the breezeway between the first two buildings.