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We have specialized in fine gemstones for nearly two decades. In fact, Jack got his start in the jewelry industry because of his love for colored stones. Since then, we have become a well known authority on rare colored stones, especially the corundum family (sapphires and rubies). We have purchased and sold some of the most valuable, rarest gem varieties in the world such as Kashmir sapphires, Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines, and Burmese rubies. 

Many gemologists only specialize in diamonds and may never see some of the rarer gemstone material during their whole career. It is crucial to sell important color stones to someone knowledgeable in them because it is a niche market that few understand. 

We buy most natural, fine quality gemstones. This list includes: Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, jade, opal, natural pearls, tourmaline, chrysoberyl (including alexandrite), demantoid and tsavorite garnet, and more.

We are particularly interested in large colored stones mounted in antique jewelry.

We also buy natural, untreated gemstones from important origins, such as: Kashmir sapphires, Burma sapphires, Burma rubies, Colombian emeralds, and Brazilian Paraiba. We are very strong buyers of these important colored stones. 


 It’s important to sell gemstone jewelry to the right buyer. We can make you an excellent offer simply because this is what we specialize in. Our offers are always no hassle, no pressure. 


Our goal is that every person who walks through our door becomes a repeat client. We’re committed to providing you with excellent customer service. Building a strong, trusting relationship with our clients is incredibly important to us. We know there are many places to sell your jewelry in Austin, so we want you to feel confident that you made the right choice.


Every time you sell to us, we walk you through our evaluation of your stones step by step. We do this so that you understand how we make your offer. We also offer immediate payment upon your sale and will match or beat any legitimate offers you receive. 

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Make an Appointment

Part of what makes us different is that we offer private appointments for all of our clients. This way we can offer you an unparalleled level of customer service and attentiveness.


During your appointment with Jack, he will carefully assess your items and make you an offer for each individual item or as a lot depending on your preference. In most cases, we do not use invasive testing methods.

Get Paid or Trade

We will then write you a check which you can deposit same day. If you'd like to make a trade, we will apply the value of your items to your new purchase.

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We offer appointments Monday through Saturday for selling your fine colored stones and gemstone jewelry.

Our office is conveniently located in Central Austin in the Village Shopping Center.

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